We helped our client personalize engagement with physicians


The Pharma industry is lagging behind the digital world that we all live in. While many digital interactions today are highly personalized and service oriented, the kind of service physicians get from Pharma is still at the lowest level of evolution. Our client, a global pharma company, wants to change just that. Finding the issue is one important step, but the realisation is the second key to the solution. We supported our client in finding out what services pharma can offer to HCPs.

Our approach

Starting with the strategy definition, Arcondis helped shape out the goals and ambitions for the project. The plan is to start with an analysis of the possibilities: Pharma is a highly regulated industry, but there still needs to be a shift in the ingrained view that “pharma is different” to other industries. The approach needs to be more customer-centric, dealing with different departments within the same company should be a “joined up” user experience with a fully visible interaction history.

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Results & customer benefits

  • Digital Roadmap & Strategy for HCP Engagement defined
  • While this is an ongoing task, the key success factors were fleshed out
  • Ahead of the curve – The service offering is the future for interactions between Pharma and HCPs
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