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Rolling up our sleeves to make healthcare better: below we’ve picked a handful of success stories out of the more than 2,500 projects we’ve delivered for clients so far.

Putting pen to paper to explain healthcare better: Sometimes, we also share our knowledge or perspective on a salient topic with the world, in the form of insights or whitepapers.

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Here’s a more detailed list of all the services we have to offer.

Compliance Services

Digital Compliance

Ensuring compliance and management of risks relating to digital solutions

  • Data Privacy (GDPR)

  • Compliance of new technologies, e.g. GxP in the cloud, Blockchain, AI, etc.

  • IT Security, e.g. ISO 27001

  • Record Management & Digital Signatures

Business Services

3D Printing

Introducing and integrating new technologies and equipment in organizations

  • Implementation of compliance and data management for novel instruments

  • 3D printer qualification and validation

  • Selection of technology for 3D printing

  • Integration and training for 3D printing technology

Technology Services

Strategy & Governance​

Evolute to the next level

  • Strategic Innovation process​

  • Target Operating Models​

  • Digital & Organizational Assessment and Validation​

  • Technology and Data Architecture and Interoperability

Engagement Services

Real World Evidence

Micro- and Macro-Healthcare at your fingertips

  • Quality & credibility of data: Source and collection statistics

  • Functionality & Security of RWE (Real world evidence) platform

  • Standards & regulatory requirements for platforms

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