We improved tissue sample analysis with an AI solution


In preclinical trials, tissue samples are used to search for potential risks in a drug. This used to be a tedious and time-consuming process, since the transport, studying and documentation had to be done manually. Cooperation was limited due to the physical nature of the samples, further hindering progress in the trials.

Our approach

We support our client in a fully-fledged digitalization effort. From tissue samples to reports and studies, the entire process is being transformed into an end-to-end digital workflow with an underlying central data storage system. The process structure was recreated to support the scientists and allow easy access to all study data and samples.

About us

The goal is to use data we collected in the past to create predictive models. In the future, all studies will provide input for those models


Results & customer benefits

  • AI-assisted digital pathology lets scientists focus on more valuable activities
  • Lays the foundation for AI-assisted analytics to predict drug efficacy
  • World-wide cooperation between scientists in a digital environment is made possible, enhancing flexibility plus enabling faster and easier knowledge transfer by rapid access to all cases (both archived and current)
  • This project is ahead of its time: universities are now rolling out Digital Pathology master courses

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