We protected our client’s proprietary information while ensuring transparency in food safety


Due to an imminent regulatory change in the food & crop protection industry, the European Food and Safety Association (EFSA) will increase transparency toward the general public by publishing their documents. Companies that make submissions to the EFSA for approval of their active ingredients are allowed to redact such published documents to protect individuals, such as study authors, or critical business intelligence based on a list of justifications that must be included with the submission. Therefore, the business challenge is finding a lean and scalable solution to the redaction process.

Our approach

We developed a proof of concept including primary market research for existing solutions and shortlisting potential solutions for our client. Based on the scalability requirements, we chose a machine learning-based redaction solution that automatically scans a document for sensitive data and triggers a redaction suggestion.

About us

The expected increase in redaction is causing a revalidation of the established redaction process and its feasibility to meet submission deadlines.

Manuel Kammermann

Results & customer benefits

· Staying compliant with EFSA regulations for active ingredient approval

· Lean and scalable solution for redaction

· Increase in redaction quality and visual support for manual redactions

· Appearance as industry leader with an innovative solution to an enduring industry-wide challenge

· Up to 30% internal cost reduction compared to scaling manual redaction process, based on individual pricing and annual volume of documents redacted.

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