In the past decade, online digital services have revolutionized customer engagement across various industries, offering unparalleled levels of customer experience.

However, healthcare professionals (HCPs) interacting with pharma companies through online portals are still stuck with outdated services reminiscent of the early 2000s.

This presents a lucrative opportunity for pharma companies to upgrade their digital services and provide HCPs with a modern and seamless experience.

By doing so, these companies can outperform their competitors and enjoy uplifts in revenue as well as reduced marketing spend.

OMNICHANNEL ENGAGEMENT (OCE) is placing your customers at the center of a seamless interaction with your organization. Revolutionize your engagement services and leave a lasting impression on your healthcare partners.

Partner with us to become a partner of choice for your customers.

It is our mission at Arcondis to boost healthcare’s digital reputation for the better, ensuring the sustainable development of your organization.

Partner with us to develop superior online services aimed at healthcare professionals to leverage data and analytics to understand HCPs' behavior, preferences, and needs. Use these new insights to personalize communications and build deeper relationships.

How do we achieve that for you?

We analyze the stakeholders and impact of your
(current) digital landscape.

We design (and implement) a custom omnichannel strategy / roadmap
within these areas:

  • People & Strategy - Stay ahead of the change curve
    We support you in staying ahead the change curve with our organizational change management expertise to ensure your people are driving sustainable change.

  • Content & Services - Close your engagement gap
    We combine our deep industry knowledge with our expertise on innovation techniques and help you close the engagement gap.

  • Legal Framework - Engagement models made compliant by design
    We help you design new engagement models with desirable customer experience while remaining compliant.​

  • Platforms & Channels - The right tools for the right engagement setup
    We help you in not only navigating and selecting the right platforms, but also in running the implementation the of chosen platforms. We also support you with setting up new engagement channels or with the definition of customer journeys.

  • Data & Measurement - Next-Best-Engagement at your fingertips
    We help you use your data from the creation of channel engagement reporting, up to Next-Best-Engagement automation.

We design and manage omnichannel engagement journeys for your various customer segments and touchpoints that result in positive customer experiences.

Rethink your customer engagement.

Take the first step towards achieving digital excellence in your organization. We work with you to improve your digital services and implement solutions that will boost your digital reputation. We understand that in today's fast-paced world, you want to offer your customers a seamless and modern experience.
Don't let outdated digital services hold you back. Choose Arcondis OCE service and take your organization’s success to new heights!


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