We brought order into hospitals' digital world


Physicians often struggle with an overwhelming amount of data that can either be highly relevant or completely outdated. With digitalisation arriving in hospitals, physicians can get access to all their documents. But commonly they must use different programs and interfaces to filter it. The sheer volume of stakeholders in hospitals creates a unique challenge in finding a dashboard solution that works not just for physicians, but management and finance as well.

Our approach

Integral to our approach is our expertise in hospitals. We did not just offer a dashboard and asked what data the client wants. We knew what the client needed and what data was still missing. Starting with the roadmap, we analysed the data quality and requirements. In cooperation with SKOOR, we successfully implemented a dashboard solution that acts as one interface for every department.

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Our approach is to only show data that is crucial to a specific function in a company. If there are no actions that can be taken based on the data, then we believe that it is not required.

Atanas Todorov

Results & customer benefits

· A dashboard solution that shows all relevant information with one interface.

· One solution for all departments

· The provided information is not nice to have but crucial to function

· Behind all of this, there are patients. Improving workflows, processes and information is not just administrative work - this can alter the course of a patient journey and even save lives.

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