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By partnering with Arcondis Managed Services, you can access expert support, proactive monitoring, and state-of-the-art technology without the hassle of maintaining an in-house IT department.

Choosing Arcondis as your Managed Service Partner ensures your business benefits from unparalleled expertise and reliability. With our ISO27001 certification and our extensive background in Life Sciences, we adhere to the highest standards of security and compliance, guaranteeing that your systems are managed with meticulous attention to detail and remain in a validated state. Our team is certified in advanced ITIL best practices, underscoring our commitment to best practices in IT service management and ensuring a streamlined, efficient approach to your IT needs. We can also provide automated testing and content knowledge management as part of our service offerings. ​

Our extensive experience in regulated and validated environments means we understand the stringent compliance requirements and operational challenges your industry faces. By partnering with Arcondis, you gain access to a team dedicated to maintaining the integrity, security, and performance of your systems, allowing you to focus on innovation and growth while we handle the complexities of IT.

We take a multi-faceted approach when partnering with you to ensure you have the proper services you need. Below are key strategic products in our growing Shared Services portfolio. For these offerings, we have highly skilled teams with both functional and technical expertise as well as close partnerships with the software vendors. This expertise positions us to enable and drive special projects or implementations for your success. This structure also provides you with economies of scale. Contact us for more details.​

We can also leverage our existing teams or build new teams to support one or more applications for you. This can be especially helpful when you have multiple niche applications you need to outsource. Read one example about how we did this for a large biotechnology company on the Success Stories tab.​

Many of our clients leverage both models for the best of both worlds.​

The Maximo Application Suite is a comprehensive, integrated platform developed by IBM for asset management, asset calibration, predictive failure and maintenance, and operations. It offers a suite of applications designed to manage physical assets such as machinery, vehicles, infrastructure, and facilities throughout their lifecycle.

Key features include asset monitoring, predictive maintenance, work order management, and inventory control. The suite leverages advanced technologies like AI, IoT, and analytics to provide real-time insights, enhance operational efficiency, and reduce downtime. Its modular design allows organsations to scale and customise functionalities according to their specific needs, making it suitable for various industries including healthcare, manufacturing, utilities, and transportation.

Access the Maximo Application Suite website: Maximo Application Suite | IBM

Critical Manufacturing, leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and a subsidiary of ASMPT, provides the most modern, flexible, and configurable manufacturing execution system (MES) available. Critical Manufacturing MES helps manufacturers stay ahead of stringent product traceability and compliance requirements, reduce risk with inherent closed-loop quality, integrate seamlessly with enterprise systems and factory automation, and provide deep intelligence and visibility of global production operations.

As a result, our customers are Industry 4.0 ready. They can compete effectively and profitably by easily adapting their operations to changes in demand, opportunity, or requirements, anywhere, at any time.

Access the Critical Manufacturing website: www.criticalmanufacturing.com

Veeva Systems is a cloud-computing company that specialises in solutions for the life sciences industry. It provides a suite of applications tailored to the needs of organisations in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical devices. Key products include Veeva Vault, a content management system; Veeva CRM, for customer relationship management; Veeva Quality, for quality management; and Veeva Regulatory, for regulatory compliance.

Veeva's solutions help streamline processes, ensure compliance with industry regulations, improve data integrity, and enhance collaboration across research, clinical, regulatory, and commercial operations. The platform's cloud-based architecture ensures scalability, security, and accessibility, supporting the unique requirements of life sciences companies.

Access the Veeva website: Veeva Systems | The Industry Cloud for Life Sciences

ComplianceWire️® is an industry-leading learning management system (LMS) for compliance and qualification management created for life sciences organisations. It is natively compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 validation requirements. ComplianceWire® is built specifically for companies subject to audits by the FDA and other global regulatory authorities.

Access the ComplianceWire® website: ComplianceWire® | UL Solutions

OpenShift is a comprehensive enterprise Kubernetes platform developed by Red Hat. It provides a robust environment for building, deploying, and managing containerized applications. OpenShift is designed to enhance developer productivity and operational efficiency by leveraging Kubernetes, Docker, and DevOps principles.

Access the OpenShift website: Red Hat OpenShift enterprise application platform

A Large MedTech Company

A large MedTech company was having difficulties with the quality of their former managed service provider as well as an increasingly large number of extra unexpected charges. Within three months, we were able to transition their services from the previous provider, and by April 1st, 2022, we went live with 6 Enterprise Quality Applications: BabtecQ, EtQ Reliance, AQR, ComplianceBuilder, ATMS, and ComplianceWire which is one of our key strategic Shared Managed Services. We are supporting over 9000 users across their production sites in Switzerland, Germany, United States, and Mexico. Our team of support engineers cover CET and EST time zones, ensuring seamless support for their applications. As part of our services, we partner with them to provide compliance expertise ensuring their Quality applications meet industry standards and regulations. We were also able to save them $100K in licenses due diligent analysis of their usage patterns. We also understand that flexibility is important because priorities and focus may change with business shifts. During our onboarding, our client's needs for services changed and we were able to pivot and replace the services for ComplianceBuilder with AgilePLM and shared folder management.​

We then won an RFP as their Managed Service Partner for their Enterprise Application Manager (EAM) Maximo Application Suite, which is another of our key focus Shared Managed Services. Through detailed review of their usage, we were able to find substantial savings in their application cost which they were able to leverage with additional features.​

As a result of our excellent service and client-centric partnership, we were directly chosen to support the rollout of Critical Manufacturing, their MES system. With our assistance, this has been successfully rolled out to 6 plans in Europe and as of July 2024, we are supporting the rollout of 4 sites in the United States and Mexico.  ​

In our next phases of partnership, we’re integrating their Critical Manufacturing system and their Maximo Application Suite environments as well as driving other key software initiatives by tapping into existing product capabilities that will improve their productivity and reduce operational expenses.

Top 3 BioTechnology Company

A top 3 biotechnology company was experiencing rapid growth due to the success of its products. Their business was very complex, and they were onboarding technologies and tools at an accelerated rate to support their diverse research and development needs. It quickly became overwhelming for their IT group and was too costly to manage in-house as processes to support these applications was disparate and fragmented. We won the RFP to onboard managed services for 40 R&D applications due to our deep experience working in validated and heavily regulated Life Sciences industries.​

We partnered with them to create a prioritised roadmap to onboard the applications. We utilised our best-in-class ITIL certified teams to create standardised support processes for efficiency and top notch user experience, while also carefully considering where processes needed to be tailored to meet unique application, system or user needs. All processes were designed to utilise ITIL best practices and ensure that the systems remain in a validated state per regulatory requirements and certified by our inhouse quality compliance group which has years on Life Sciences compliance expertise. But most importantly, our processes were designed to ensure a solid handshake with the client for support activities and statuses.​

We then began onboarding teams with training, including obtaining resources with deep product expertise where needed. Some of this client’s applications are in the Veeva Life Sciences family, which is another Arcondis key strategic Shared Services offering with additional expertise available. 

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