Operational Excellence Solution

For productivity improvement, operational performance transformation and increased cost efficiency.

Operational challenges

How we can help

Life sciences companies face numerous challenges in the supply of materials and efficiency of their operations.

Arcondis’ Operational Excellence Solution aims to address these challenges.

Our solution is specifically designed for life sciences companies wanting to accelerate productivity improvement, achieve and sustain world-class operational performance, and increase cost efficiency.

Integrated approach

Three components for success

Our solution provides an integrated approach that includes three elements.

  1. A well-defined strategy is developed to exceed client operations improvement targets.

  2. Process improvement methodologies are employed, supported by data-driven and digital operational excellence elements.

  3. A change management component is integrated into the solution from the outset to ensure successful adoption and implementation.

The Arcondis operational excellence by design services include:

  • strategic planning & design

  • performance measurement & management

  • equipment & technology management

  • supply chain optimisation & resilience

  • organisational transformation & culture

  • and operational efficiency & excellence

Early adoption of operational excellence is a competitive advantage.

Peter Martin, OpEx Director at Arcondis

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