The goldilocks scenario between harmonization and experimental research


Global research facilities of a pharma company work on creating novel biological samples for their research target projects. Among these facilities, there is a lack of harmonization of standardized formats, definitions, legal requirements, and most importantly, there is no common database. This means that neither samples as physical probes nor their corresponding digital data can be shared. In the current state, synergies amongst projects can hardly be used, and the multitude of systems is a breeding ground for data duplication and scientific findings getting lost in translation. Arcondis is making healthcare better by implementing an end-to-end biological sample management system to establish seamless communication, and to help improve the day-to-day work of scientists.

Our approach

The goal is to create a uniform ecosystem to increase the speed at which new research targets are identified and tested, and to leverage the expertise of the research team through holistic documentation. However, standardization and harmonization can be a bottleneck for the creativity needed in experimental research fields. Therefore, Arcondis has, in close collaboration with researchers from all global facilities, developed a “Goldilocks” common ground: unifying as much as needed, while leaving the maximum of creative freedom untouched. Scientists will benefit from each other through best practices, automated communication, facilitated sharing of data, and instantaneous documentation.

About us

“It’s not every day that you get to work on a project with such a high impact factor for the client. Researchers have been yearning for such a harmonized system for years, and now that collaboration, documentation and knowledge transfer will become much easier, I’m personally eager to witness the fantastic scientific findings – and hopefully, treatments! – the researchers will come up with.”

Leonie Stadler

Results & customer benefits

  • Enable knowledge sharing, improving speed and results.

  • Consistency and homogeneity of data, F.A.I.R. principles applied to data and samples

  • Accelerate research results through better communication. Globally harmonized software solution.

  • Time to market is increased and vital medication can be delivered sooner.


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