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Success Stories and Project Reports

ARCONDIS has already proved it over 2.500 times: With our cross-functional consulting teams, we develop perfectly integrated solutions for the Life Sciences industries Pharma & Biotech, Medical Devices as well as Agricultural, Chemical & Food and lead projects to success. Thereby, we inspire with holistic customer orientation and uncompromising readiness to provide quality. But see for yourself and take a look at our success stories and project reports — you can find a selection here!


Quality Change Management

Quality Change Management – Practical insight
November 4, 2019

Abstract: Patrick Zahnow talks about how quality change management can be successfully implemented and put into practice. ARCONDIS supported a leading provider of products and services in the healthcare and life sciences industry in digitalizing ... More
More efficient processes with SAP S/4HANA

More efficient processes with SAP S/4HANA – a project report
November 4, 2019

Abstract: Implementation and validation of SAP S/4HANA within 12 months, following a company split. In the life sciences, mergers and acquisitions is everyday business – but they also require much effort in terms of the overall infrastructure. A ... More

Chatbot chaperones company acquisition – a project report
November 4, 2019

Abstract: Introduction of a chatbot that supports employees during a company acquisition. When one company acquires another, generally two entirely different worlds meet, often resulting in significant changes with major uncertainties at the ... More
Globally harmonized validation for digital twins

Globally harmonized validation for digital twins A project report
May 28, 2019

Digital twins are virtual representations of physical products, systems and processes. The physical counterpart can already exist or still be in development. Many life sciences companies are taking advantage of this NASA technology to reap its ... More
The ITSM processes are ready to support further growth

The ITSM processes are ready to support further growth a project report
May 28, 2019

Our client quickly grew from a start-up to a medium-sized biotech company. This put them up against certain external challenges. The IT department was struggling to cope. On top of ensuring audit readiness, the IT team had to demonstrate their ... More
Iterative prototyping for a harmonized global platform

Iterative prototyping Iterative prototypes for a harmonized global platform
March 4, 2019

Globalization and sales of products in more and more countries result in growing regulatory requirements. To meet these requirements, a world leading supplier of products and services for patients with chronic organ failure has set its sights on ... More
Security by Design in a production network

How to achieve “security by design” in your production network – a project report
March 4, 2019

Streamlining processes, for example in production, by networking previously autonomous equipment is one of the most common digitalization projects. But integrating the manufacturing infrastructure and processes into a network must be carefully ... More
Serialization Milestones, Know-how & Services

Milestones in serialization How a Swiss pharma CPO meets current and future requirements
March 4, 2019

allpack – a leading Swiss service provider for pharmaceutical packaging – has specialized in the requirements of pharma companies for 15 years. Active on international markets, the company began relying on country-specific track-and-trace ... More
Smart reporting at Syngenta thanks to Scrum & Lean.

How Syngenta developed a smart reporting solution with Scrum and Lean Experimentation - a Success Story
October 24, 2018

Innovative thinkers and teams frequently find themselves frustrated with rigid processes and project management methods that keep their ideas on paper for too long. Everything is analyzed and rethought ad absurdum before anything is implemented ... More
Success Story Acino - IT Quality Management

How Acino achieved lean, future-proof IT quality management - a Success Story
February 26, 2018

Acino is a Swiss pharma company providing proven, innovative pharmaceuticals and is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art oral administration forms. Their current IT quality management system (IT-QMS) no longer satisfied the rapidly growing ... More
Success Story Vifor Pharma

Efficient Quality Reporting for Vifor Pharma - a Success Story
October 31, 2017

Price pressure and tough competition are driving pharmaceutical companies to higher quality and continuous improvement. The quality management department of Vifor Pharma is making its own contribution and prescribed a slimming diet to its own ... More
Migration Application Environment

Migration of an Application Environment Following a Company Split
October 23, 2017

Company mergers and splits are constant occurrences in the life sciences. They require a restructuring not only of the organization but also its infrastructure. During a recent project, ARCONDIS demonstrated how to achieve this: when an ... More
Creative Solutions Instead of Work-To-Rule

Creative Solutions Instead of Work-To-Rule
October 23, 2017

Adapt tens of thousands of labels to the current regulations within the shortest possible time – that was the challenge issued by one of ARCONDIS’ customers, a major international medical device manufacturer. This was preceded by an audit, which ... More
Agile Project Management

From Design to Implementation - Agile Project Management in a Rigid Framework
July 19, 2017

Despite a prescribed, traditional project management framework that takes quality requirements into account, agile project management is challenging but possible; This project example demonstrates that it can be very successful. ARCONDIS was ... More
Fixing a critical compliance gap under time pressure

Fixing a Critical Compliance Gap Under Time Pressure
April 5, 2017

During an internal audit at an international manufacturer of medical devices, a complex master data system developed in-house was found to have critical flaws in terms of its compliance, IT security and data integrity. The system manages the ... More
Project Health Check – A Project Audit

Project Health Check – A Project Audit How to get your project back on course!
August 17, 2016

What is the difference between the Berlin-Brandenburg Airport and the railway tunnel through the Gotthard? Or in other words, what have the people in charge of the construction project done better to not only complete their project successfully, ... More

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