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Emanuel Kuhn
Emanuel Kuhn
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October 2, 2019

Potentials of Digital Transformation [Whitepaper] Identifying and Successfully Implementing Digital Potential

Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchains, 3D printing und augmented reality – the sheer number of new technologies for the digital transformation is endless and so is the amount of promises linked to them: increase of efficiency, cost reduction, easier collaboration, new market potentials and with that new customer segments and additional sources of income. 

In fact, systematically evaluating possibilities and creating actual improvements isn’t all that easy. Especially in the life science industries, new ideas, promises and hypes often pop like bursting bubbles when confronted with regulations. In addition to a structured approach and the technology know-how, industry expertise and an exact knowledge of relevant regulations are therefore necessary to create individual solutions.

Thus, this whitepaper is addressed to all persons responsible within the life science industry who are looking for a concise and yet comprehensive procedure model to identify and successfully implement digital potentials.


  • Fields of action in digital transformation
  • Strategy & implementation of digital opportunities
  • Achieving a successful implementation

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Potentials of Digital Transformation