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Daniel Flossbach
Daniel Flossbach
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July 19, 2017

“The Art of Leading Yourself and Others.” ARCONDIS Grundl Speaker Event

In April, ARCONDIS presented a speaker event on the subject of “Leadership”. About 180 guests listened with enthusiasm to the leadership expert Boris Grundl, who happily shared his wealth of experience.

How to lead yourself effectively

“Leadership” is a highly relevant topic at ARCONDIS where it is seen as a core competency for consultants. Whether in a conversation, a meeting or in a project – nothing works without goal-oriented leadership. As a leader leads not only employees and colleagues, but sometimes even his boss and, above all, himself, the focus of the lecture was the art of self-development and improving leadership skills. Boris Grundl, a renowned management expert and management coach, explained how leadership skills can be steadily improved through a clear focus on the implementation of simple but effective measures to reach the next level of leadership.

In his lecture at the “Volkshaus” in Basel, Grundl convincingly expressed the importance of differentiating between intellectual and emotional intelligence and focusing on results. With a healthy portion of charm and wit, the 51-year-old shared some insider tips on how to easily find a happier and more satisfied inner self. By following the principle “make your fears become your friend” and the advice to deal with two things you like to avoid every day, Grundl struck a chord with many in the audience. This can be small talk in the elevator or simply having the strength to say “No.”

The event left many guests wanting more and will be remembered for a long time, as the long line at the signing desk showed. “Thank you for inviting us to a really memorable and effective event,” said one program manager from the Basel life science industry who attended the event.

Patricia Wellhöfer


Leadership as a company strength

“We have been working together with the Grundl Leadership Academy to help broaden our management competencies for several years. With that in mind, we would like to thank Boris Grundl and the Grundl Leadership Academy, who are constantly helping us improve our leadership qualities.”

Christian Unger, CFO of ARCONDIS