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Daniel Flossbach
Daniel Flossbach
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October 21, 2016

Even more consulting power for our life sciences customers The ARCONDIS consulting team continues to grow

Digital transformation, stricter compliance requirements and restructuring: the demand for consulting in the life sciences industry is alive and well. ARCONDIS is responding to the growing project requirements and is equipping its consulting team in order to expand its capacity as well as its specific expertise. Since the end of August, ARCONDIS has been able to welcome

  • 1 management consultant for compliance,
  • 1 senior consultant for IT management,
  • 3 consultants,
  • 5 junior consultants
  • and 2 clerks for back-office & human resources and finance.

In this way, ARCONDIS can support its customers even faster with even more expertise and consultancy power, while also ensuring a smooth process “behind the scenes.”

Last year, ARCONDIS was able to record a growth of more than 30% of its orders in the medical products sector, and therefore has brought more experts on board:

Dr. André Geiser, Management Consultant, is a managerial and production science doctorate holder from ETH Zurich. He brings decades of professional experience in the medical device industry. As the lead auditor for quality and information security management services, he is extremely well-versed with the requirements pursuant to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. With his knowledge in ITIL, computerized system validation (CSV) and risk management, he covers a broad field of topics that goes well beyond the compliance sector.

Massimo Eucalipto, Senior Consultant, has a Master of Arts in Business and Economics and brings more than ten years of consulting experience within and outside of the life science industry. His focus lies in program and project management, business process transformation and organizational change management. In addition, he is oriented with IT and offers in-depth knowledge in various industries of IT management.

Our consultants and junior consultants also have diverse background knowledge and come from various sectors in the life sciences industry. Everything is there, from chemistry to neurosciences and medical biology to engineering, computer science and business information systems.

However, our new colleagues are rarely seen in the ARCONDIS offices, because they are already on site with our customers (almost) daily, supporting them in ongoing projects.

A rare snapshot shows some of our new colleagues together at their quality management system training:

Neue ARCONDIS Mitarbeiter
Neue ARCONDIS Mitarbeiter

You will find what our new employees and our “old hands” report about their entry and career at ARCONDIS here.