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Public health Consulting combining expertise in life sciences and healthcare

Hospitals in the age of digital transformation

The requirements for modern patient care are growing in complexity due to the interaction between hospitals, registered doctors, downstream institutions and health insurance providers. Digital topics such as electronic health records (EHR), telemedicine, computer-aided diagnostics, treatment and clinical decision support as well as innovative blockchain applications are shaping the healthcare sector. This results in the highest standards for the technical infrastructure and process landscape of organizations.


Life sciences & healthcare: harnessing synergies

For over 18 years, ARCONDIS has supported pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and the healthcare industry with consulting and in implementing process, IT and compliance projects. More and more often, the focus is being placed on synergies and cooperation between healthcare providers, experts and manufacturers with the goal of ensuring the best possible treatment and maximum added value. Today, track & trace systems are already being used for treatment paths and medicines along the entire value-adding and supply chain to make sure patients get the right treatment and medication at the right time and place. ARCONDIS sees itself as the link, transferring complex issues with interdisciplinary expertise and best practices from the life sciences industry to matters in the healthcare sector.


ARCONDIS: Methodological competence focused on the future

Hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and therapy providers foster a company culture focused on individuals and know that changes and development hinge on the “people” factor.

As ARCONDIS is an expert in the GxP-regulated industry, compliance aspects such as adherence to regional and international data privacy guidelines are also taken into consideration. ARCONDIS also provides active support in special areas:

  • Digital Transformation: Creating added value for patients, employees and government agencies applying digital strategies for hospitals of the future.
  • Process Management & Simulations: Shorter waiting and processing times and optimized resource allocation free up time for actual treatment.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Higher efficiency and quality by automating repetitive, rule-based activities such as reporting, documentation and surgery reports, as well as data migration and first-level support at the help desk.
  • Blockchain: Networking different systems through a blockchain-based, tamper-proof holistic end-to-end system.

With over 2,500 successful clients at renowned companies, ARCONDIS puts its expertise and passion to work in order to support life sciences and healthcare companies in realizing innovative projects and taking a future-oriented approach: We create the ideal symbiosis of technical know-how and IT for day-to-day business, reducing cost and time pressure and placing the spotlight on the patient.


Our industry experts provide hospitals and insurance providers with support in the following areas:

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