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Pharma and Biotech Consulting for medium-sized companies & global corporations

Recognizing opportunities. Taking chances.

The constantly increasing price pressure in the healthcare sector is possibly also affecting your pharma & biotech company. Because the carriers of health costs always insist that expensive treatments offer a clearly quantified counter value.

For example, through shorter treatment cycles. Through fewer side effects. Through significantly higher effectiveness.

Only the market leader can claim the coveted prize in this situation. Nevertheless, it is true: Every company has the chance to absorb the increasing price pressure through effective innovations!

Because it is not just about innovations in research: Real World Data contributes to making the right decisions in early development phases and providing access to the custom-fit market. Custom discount and restitution models are replacing flat-rate pricing. And advanced Digital Transformation enables laboratories to work much more efficiently.

In short: It is about recognizing hidden opportunities in all pharma and biotech sectors and using them effectively.


ARCONDIS: Experience that pays off.

ARCONDIS knows the current challenges of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and helps you to manage them successfully.

Regardless of whether dealing with Processes, IT Management or Compliance: Based on more than 18 years of consulting experience, we create added value for you that can be seen worldwide.

It is no coincidence that, in addition to a number of medium-sized companies, we can count 5 of the world’s 10 largest pharmaceutical companies among our satisfied Customers.


This is what we can do for you! Our industry experts work for you in the following solution areas, among others: