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Medical Devices Consulting for medium-sized companies & global corporations

The right solution for every requirement

The tasks of the medical device industry are becoming more complex with every year. The industry has always relied on innovation to manage these tasks. With the demand for new first-class products, however, the regulatory (MDR, ISO 13485, GxP in the Cloud, GDPR in Life Sciences & Healthcare) and economic requirements also increase, especially in the upper product classes. In addition, there are highly technological products, such as wearables or 3D printers that displace the competition, even in non-industry areas, such as established IT global corporations.


What to do? Secure the return on investment!

From engineering to manufacturing to commercial operations: For over 18 years, ARCONDIS has been helping medical devices Customers to ensure their value creation and therefore to secure their return on investment, despite increasing expenditures in clinical trials.

ARCONDIS: Higher value creation through higher Quality

They do this namely through first-class Compliance consultation and tailor-made scalable Solutions.

Of particular importance are the efficient integration of new quality requirements in value-added processes and the consistent exploitation of existing potential for optimization.

This is an area in which ARCONDIS has provided exemplary success for years.

It is therefore no surprise that ARCONDIS can count three of the world’s five largest companies in the medical device industry among its enthusiastic Customers.


This is what we can do for you! Our industry consulting experts work for you in the following areas, among others: