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April 4, 2019

ARCONDIS contributes to education in Myanmar CVT — Center for Vocational Training in Yangon

We at ARCONDIS firmly believe in providing help when it is needed. Therefore, we recently donated 5,000 Swiss Francs to CVT Myanmar, an aid project close to our hearts that currently requires support.

CVT Myanmar — Center for Vocational Training in Yangon, Myanmar, is an initiative that brings the dual training system from Switzerland to Myanmar, adapted to local conditions, run in the form of a local vocational school. The officially recognized two to three year traineeship as

  • a carpenter
  • a metalworker
  • an electrician
  • an administrative assistant
  • a hotel and hospitality professional

combines practical learning at a company with a general solid educational structure as well as computer and English skills at the vocational School.

CVT Myanmar Donation


Founded in 2002, CVT Myanmar now has over 60 employees and more than 600 students. It is mainly financed by private Swiss citizens and foundations looking to support the economic development of the youth in Myanmar.


With a qualified, well-founded traineeship, we increase the chances of the youth establishing themselves on the job market, ensuring a reliable source of income,” says Heini Portmann, President of CVT Myanmar. “The concept is thriving, reflected in numerous success stories. Many former CVT students have now moved on to become managers or have even founded their own companies.”


CVT Myanmar Donation

Besides the center for vocational training, the initiative also supports classes to become a trainer, young entrepreneur classes and an orientation school to help the youth from less fortunate social classes earn a school degree. As part of a longstanding partnership with the government, CVT Myanmar hopes to support the country in establishing a modern vocational training system.

Would you like to know more? Visit the CVT Myanmar Website.