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Life Science Information Management The future is in your data and processes.

Big data, master data management, cloud computing: Data is the raw material of the 21st century. In order to fully exploit this information management potential, you need highly efficient business processes.

These highly efficient business processes require that action-relevant information is flowing along your value creation.

The forward-looking use of the technology required for this purpose will help you develop competitive advantages, which will ensure growth, innovative capability and therefore the future success of your Company.


A Map for the Information Jungle

With its proven information landscaping concept, ARCONDIS lays the foundation to solve current challenges, such as UDI for medical devices or IDMP for drugs. In the process, valuable potential for optimization becomes visible in the relevant business processes, in the information infrastructure and in technological support.

From the conception to the selection and introduction to the anchoring in your organization: As a product-neutral consulting company with an in-depth understanding of your business processes, ARCONDIS develops the life science information management solution that is perfectly tailored to your needs in each case. From electronic laboratory notebooks to document management to quality assurance software.

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