Arcondis CEO Announcement

Basel/Frankfurt/Boston, Friday, Jan 29.

It’s our pleasure to announce that the Board of Directors has appointed Stewart Spears to the role of Group CEO of Arcondis.

He succeeds Dennis Theis, who stepped down earlier this month.

Stewart joined Arcondis in December 2019 as Global Head of Business Development.

He has got more than 15 years of experience in Life Sciences consulting, and in the course of his career has shown time and again an exceptional ability to develop creative solutions and shape deals that simultaneously solve complex business problems and deliver significant value to clients.

Originally from Kent in the United Kingdom, Stu - as he’s called by everyone - holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting & Finance from Lancaster University. Prior to working 14 years at Accenture, he ran a yacht painting business and also worked as a Business Analyst for Lloyd’s Banking Group. He lives in the canton of Schwyz and is the proud father of a teenage daughter and a baby girl.

Stewart says: “I would like to thank the Board for the trust they have given me to serve our clients and our employees as CEO.

What motivates me is to inspire and coach people to bring the best out of themselves and in turn to our clients. I strongly believe that it is our people that build the organization and our brand. I am energized on a daily basis by the level of talent at Arcondis, with our global and diverse team including former client employees, HCPs and life science graduates.»

Founder and Chairman of the Board Chris Baumgartner says:

“There were two internal candidates for the succession of Dennis Theis. The Board evaluated them very thoroughly and had intense conversations and discussions to identify the best possible candidate for Arcondis at this time.
I want to stress that both were perfectly valid candidates in the eyes of the Board, and both gave very strong presentations. The Board didn’t vote, but came to a collective, unanimous decision in the end.
Please join me in congratulating Stewart Spears, and in thanking both candidates for their impressive candidacy and their sportsmanship.
The Board is counting on all Arcondians to support Stu in his new role and to continue the path of expansion and excellence for Arcondis as one team. “