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Partners Intelligent network for intelligent solutions.

Global demands demand global answers. In order to offer its customers the perfect interdisciplinary solution from one source, ARCONDIS works closely together with the best specialists.

Our partners complement the ARCONDIS range of services through tailored services, training sessions, the support of global computer science programs and through comprehensive solutions for the efficient implementation of the ISO IDMP Standard.


ResultWorks - ARCONDIS Partner ResultWorks in Pennsylvania, USA, offers business analysis and transformation expertise for scientific and information-intensive companies in the life science field. Through the integration of processes, information, systems and organizational models, the company creates added value for your customers while using the latest industry Standards. ARCONDIS and ResultWorks complement each other through specialized consulting services in processes, IT and information management as well as in their implementation.

Managing Partners: Susan Butler, PMP, and Bob O’Hara

IDMP1 - ARCONDIS Partner IDMP1 GmbH in Frankfurt, Germany, was founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of Datenbank Consulting GmbH (DACON). DACON is a medical information service provider and has been providing its customers with a comprehensive offering of international drug information for over 25 years. ARCONDIS and IDMP1 complement each other in the consulting and provision of comprehensive solutions for the efficient implementation of the ISO standard “Identification of Medicinal Products.”

Managing Director: Ursula Tschorn, Member of the EU IDMP Task Force

Binocular - ARCONDIS Partner Binocular Vision in Shanghai, China, is a scientific computer science service provider specializing in projects that range across multiple geographic locations and organizations. Binocular Vision creates solutions for business, communication and technology in the complex environment of computer science research at global life science companies. Binocular Vision complements ARCONDIS in global computer science projects in the research field.

Managing Director: Tom Blackadar

OPAG - ARCONDIS Partner OPAG Informatik AG has proven its industry experience and expertise with 25 years of professional software development — and this in close contact with the customer. As an independent software company, their ERP system CASYMIR focusses consistently on batch-based manufacturing plants in the areas of pharmaceutical products, food, cosmetics, plastic and chemical products.

Managing Directors: Frédéric Paquet, Dipl. Ing. Inf. (ETH), and Hanspeter Ott, Dipl. Inf. (HTL)

Tracelink - ARCONDIS Partner Tracelink in Massachusetts, USA, is an international software firm that specializes in networking solutions in the life sciences sector. The development of a trace and tracking software for illegal drugs and the creation of a cloud-based supply chain network are the key services of Tracelink. Those services are oriented towards helping life sciences organisations manage their logistics network. ARCONDIS and Tracelink are partners in serialization of pharma products.
Imagic - ARCONDIS Partner Imagic in Zurich, Swiss, is a European image editing form that focuses on creating software for professional image analysis and management in combination with high tech cameras and microscopes. To make the everyday use of image editing with complex hardware easier, Imagic developed the software solution IMS, that allows the editing of pictures from most professional cameras and microscopes in a single user interface while keeping the metadata stored and safe. ARCONDIS complements Imagic in validating new IMS updates.