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June 13, 2016

A map for your processes ARCONDIS wins a new information landscaping project

The pharma technical development wants more: gain more value from its information. Better support by systems and platforms. And a wise prioritization of investments.

In order to achieve this goal, the department got ARCONDIS on board: The success of landscapes for clinical quality, regulatory affairs and clinical development, which ARCONDIS developed for the company, got around!

In a first step, the project in the new department will enhance transparency.

A network map based on the model of London’s tube map shows inter-divisional flows of information in between processes: Thereby, the information objects are the passengers; the metro lines represent the functions such as analytics. In doing so, shortages and redundancies are easily identified.

Information Landscape als Netzplan

Image: Information landscape as a network map


Navigate actively instead of letting things drift within the flow of information

Especially data intensive processes in the life sciences, such as drug discovery, development and regulatory affairs, benefit from the landscaping method.

With a transparent information landscape:

  • you can transfer business goals into strategic IT roadmaps and concrete initiatives
  • it becomes clear where new smart technology could create a competitive advantage
  • you can link IT expenses to business value, and thereby use your spending effectively

And what’s in it for me?

During a project term of three to five months our clients receive:

  • an individual information landscape, tailored to their department
  • a five year roadmap for their IT initiatives
  • an investment plan for their roadmap
Strategische Roadmap

Image: Strategic roadmap

Zeitplan für Einzelinitiativen

Image: Schedule for single initiatives


We are excited about our new project and are pleased with our client’s trust in our work.

Your ARCONDIS team


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